Hand Crafted Condiments From Fresh Ingredients
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About Kumbites

Kumbites is a passionately run African flavour inspired enterprise which produces VEGAN “sauces”, no pickles, no chutneys, no jellies, no jams (exempt the preserve) using locally sourced fresh ingredients implementing traditional preparation methods. The range of products is a result of the founder's culinary upbringing in Zimbabwe. Born in London, raised in Zimbabwe where apparently, I had a “gormers“ reputation. Eventually I became a professional chef with thanks to then T.V.University, working in and around greater London.
“Kumbites” Birth came about via Covent Garden Jubilee Market as a form of respite from daddy day care and a solution.

I started off selling home made pastries, bread and after a few weeks I decided to stick to what I knew naturally. African flavour savoury sauces with a few global exceptions, vegan and freshly made using locally sourced produce with no artificial preservatives, colourings, additives, stabilisers and yes NO SUGAR, exempt the preserve.

Come 2013 ‘Kumbites’ rebirth took place? you guessed right DEVON which took to me like a duck to water literally and here we are.

Thus being the story so far, the future is bright !

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